Sparkle & Shine

Sparkle & Shine grapefruit & cinnamon non-alcoholic cocktail by Taste & Tipple

Let's Get Blitzen is a 24-day advent calendar by Ottawa's sassiest cocktail blogger, Taste & Tipple—and it now includes Sober Sundays!

Effervescent yet warming, Sparkle & Shine is the hip aunt of bubbly apple cider. When made with Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha, the tart grapefruit and natural acidity of our kombucha are balanced by her sweet cinnamon syrup. With a splash of black tea and warming spice, this non-alcoholic cocktail is wintry yet glowing. 

And we learned you can make eco-conscious confetti out of grapefruit peels! So there's that.

To get the recipe, head over to Yvonne's blog, Taste & Tipple. 

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