Our (Birth) Story

Drew Williams, Co-Founder & Brain Daddy

If an idea is a brain child, then I guess that makes Drew the Brain Daddy of luxury kombucha. When Drew's wife was pregnant, he was working on growing kombucha festivals. He quickly realized there was room in this world for—not only a new baby—but a new type of kombucha. One that was classy and celebratory. An alternative to alcoholic drinks. And thus, the idea for luxury kombucha was born.

Andrew Roberts, Co-Founder & Food Scientist

Drew reached out to friend and entrepreneur, Andrew Roberts. With Andrew's background in tea blending and experience in food production, he was the perfect partner for making luxury kombucha come to life.

Genna Woolston, Co-Owner & Community Builder

Genna jumped on board, when she realized the team needed a little more feminine energy. She suggested the muse for our business should be the bird that discovered the delicate tea in our kombucha. Now she helps grow our flock of supporters, both in person and online.

And that's how our little baby bird, Silver Swallow, flew the coop! Okay we'll stop with the extended metaphor now.