Inclusion in The Flock

Two women of different ethnicity's celebrating with kombucha

Our mission to offer a healthy non-alcoholic beverage extends to anyone who wants to celebrate with us.

We welcome everyone in our flock of supporters. No matter race, religion, origin, language, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, body type, ability or any other identity.

We strive for an environment that is inclusive and anti-discriminatory. To this end we commit to:

  • Representing diversity in our content
  • Calling out discriminatory comments on our platforms
  • Scrutinizing our approach to business and inclusion as we grow

If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear them. Contact us or submit anonymous feedback. We promise we're listening.

Our business is about including people in celebratory experiences. We do not move forward if we are leaving people behind.

Peace & Love,

Silver Swallow