Tenets of Temperance

Bottle of Silver Swallow Kombucha with two non-alcoholic cocktails and the text "Tenets of Temperance by Edible Ottawa"

Edible Ottawa's recent article Tenets of Temperance lays out the tenants of temperance—or the elements that combine to make a superior non-alcoholic drink. But while temperance is usually about abstaining & moderation, these non-alcoholic recipes featuring Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha do not temper the taste buds.

A balance of acidity, sweetness, funk, and bubbles are the keys to creating great non-alcoholic drinks writes author Tristan Bragaglia-Murdock. We couldn't agree more. The old generation of non-alcoholic drinks were heavily sweetened, giving the space a childish feelthink Shirley Temples. And too much acidity can make your drink taste like vinegara reputation the kombucha industry struggles with sometimes. But with the right balance, you can create a tart and refreshing bevvy that tickles the taste buds. Funk & bubbles come naturally to kombucha as the yeast & biotics create a fermented taste and fizzy feel common to sparkling wine or beer.

Now that we've covered the theory, here's a sneak peak at two of Edible Ottawa's recipes that satisfy the tenants of temperance. Get the full recipes at Edible Ottawa.


Beachcomber non-alcoholic cocktail in a coupe glass garnished with curry leaves

Pineapple juice, coconut syrup, curry leaves, cilantro, and white balsamic topped with kombucha. You can almost feel the sun on your cheeks when you sip on this tropical bevvy that conjures the feel of Thai beaches.


Minosa cocktail in a Tom Collins glass with a gradient of grapefruit juice and kombucha garnished with a lemon and fresh tarragon

This non-alcoholic mimosa is much more than just grapefruit juice & bubbly. Green tea syrup, preserved lemon brine, and the anise notes of tarragon make a sophisticated daytime drink. "Topping with Silver Swallow really ties the elements of the brine's funkiness with the green tea and tarragon-grapefruit combo" writes Bragaglia-Murdock.

Liquid Asset cocktails made with Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha


Thanks to Edible Ottawa for making space for non-alcoholic beverages in their latest edition. We'll add it to the growing list of signs that modern zero-proof bevvies are increasingly living up to their harder counterparts.

Photos by Amy Zambonin