Luxury Kombucha Mojito

cup filled with mint sprigs, bowl of limes and limes and mint being muddled in a glass

With less people travelling south this winter, we thought we'd bring the tropics to you with this easy, 3 step Kombucha Mojito recipe.

While you may not have a hot tub in Havana, our riff on the classic swim-up bar cocktail can transport you there. The tartness of lime and our product's balanced sweetness combine to create a refreshing concoction. Top it off with mint and your senses will be swimming in cool aroma. So turn your bath into a hot tub, mix yourself a mojito, and escape the snow for a moment.

At least that's what we'll be doing to cap off Dry February!

Top view of kombucha mojito

- 2 sprigs of mint
- 5 lime wedges

1. Muddle 4 lime wedges and 5 mint leaves

3. Garnish with a sprig of mint & a lime wedge

Lime wedges and mint being muddled in a glass with a cup of lime sprigs in the background and a bowl of limes in colourful plate in the foreground

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