Our Story

 Our love language is food but we wanted less booze

Dressed in formal wear, Andrew and Genna snuggle up on a seaside cliff

As partners in life and now business, we enjoy hosting dinner parties—but something was missing from the table—so we made it.

Our dream was to craft a high-end better-for-you sparkling wine alternative. With its natural effervescence and fermented notes, kombucha made the perfect base. But it needed to embody everything we loved about sparkling wine—premium ingredients, complex flavour, beautiful design, and a celebratory cork to pop.

With Andrew’s background in tea blending and Genna’s creative experience, we developed Silver Swallow, a premium non-alcoholic sparkling kombucha that leaves you feeling good in the moment and the next day.


Genna Woolston, Co‑Founder & Community Builder at Silver Swallow Kombucha
Genna Woolston, Co—Founder & Community Builder

Genna is a femalepreneur, beauty seeker & mental health warrior. Her background is in business, science and promoting eco options. She can’t decide if she loves spreadsheets or taking photos more.

Andrew Roberts, Co-Founder & Food Scientist
Andrew Roberts, Co-Founder & Food Scientist
Andrew is a food scientist, trend spotter & humble host. His background is in tea blending and food production. He’s always looking for the next best idea.