Our Story

Founders Andrew and Genna cheers wine glasses of Silver Swallow while seated at a dinner table with flowers

"Our love language is food,
but she wanted less booze"

Andrew and Genna love food and drink. So when Genna wanted less alcohol to improve mental health, Food Scientist Andrew brewed some non-alcoholic bevvies to fill her flute.

As partners in life and now business, their dream was to create better-for-you wine-alternatives. But they needed to embody everything they loved about wine— premium ingredients, complex flavour, and beautiful design. So they sourced the world's best teas, including our namesake Silver Swallow, to create delicate, layered drinks accented by the fermented notes and effervescence of kombucha.

Since breaking up with booze, Genna's energy and resilience improved. Now she swaps Silver Swallow for sparkling and still has a celebratory bottle to pop. Her goal— and Silver Swallow's mission— has become to share how life with less booze can leave you feeling good today and tomorrow.

Founder Genna standing in a pink pantsuit with a glass of Silver Swallow

Genna Woolston, Co‑Founder
& Femalepreneur

Genna is a sober-proud mental health advocate. She's actively managing anxiety and bipolar disorders, while building a business, being a Mom, and designing beautiful content.

Andrew Roberts, Co‑Founder & Food Scientist
Andrew is a food scientist, trend spotter & humble host. His background is in tea blending and food production. He’s always looking for the next best idea.


Founder Andrew seated in a suit with a glass of Silver Swallow

Founders Andrew and Genna cheers with cocktails made from Silver Swallow Kombucha, egg white and a lemon twist garnish

Santé, Genna & Andrew