Our Namesake Tea

Silver swallow tea needles and steeped golden tea in white porcelain tea cups with silver and gold trim

Hand picked in Yunnan, China, silver swallow is a rare white tea harvested only once per spring. We named our company after the prized white tea because was the star ingredient in our first luxury kombucha. But more than having complex flavour, it also has terroir and a story—just like you’d expect from a sparkling wine.

One of the tea’s origin stories is a tale of a girl, 300 years ago in southern China, pursuing beauty to find opportunity. She followed the flight of a swallow bird to discover tea buds with an unusual silvery down. Her tea-artisan father decided to dry the buds in the sun to preserve the shimmery texture. The result was a huge success.

To us the name symbolizes following your intuition and it leading to success. That's the story of our business. It feels good to drink less, it feels good to create special moments, and it feels good to help others do the same.

Silver swallow tea needles falling around a bottle and glass of Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha and two tall ivory candles with dark greener, warm lights and a dark blue