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Welcome to our savvy subscription guide. Enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to an impressive 25%! This is the perfect opportunity to maintain your healthy sipping habits and keep your budget in check. It's a win-win, without the wine.

1. Explore our Selection

Visit Our Bubbles page and select the option that piques your interest.

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2. Personalize Your Subscription

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  • Under "Purchase options," choose "Subscribe & Save" to unlock a fantastic 25% discount on your first order and an everlasting 10% off subsequent orders.
  • Customize your delivery frequency to match your preferences. Select from every 2 weeks, monthly, or every 2 months. Keep in mind that you have the flexibility to modify, skip, or cancel deliveries at any time.
  • Adjust the quantity of products you desire. For instance, if you're subscribing to a 3-pack and want to receive 6 bottles to hit that free shipping sweet spot, simply change the quantity to 2.
  • Click "Add to cart."


3. Review Your Cart



If everything in your cart looks perfect, proceed to checkout. If you wish to add more products, simply return to Our Bubbles page and repeat the steps above.


4. Checkout

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Complete your purchase by entering your shipping and payment details, and then click "Subscribe now."

Et voilà! You're on your way to enjoying a steady supply of your favorite sips for a healthier you, all while saving big. Cheers to smart sipping!


5. Update your subscription anytime

You will receive an email containing a link to your personal customer portal, where you can make adjustments to your subscription at any time.

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Reach out for help !

If you ever need a helping hand or want to share your sober curious stories, reach out to us at We're your partners in rethinking drinking!