Popping Stigma: Silver Swallow on CBC Gem

Imagine our delight when Silver Swallow Rosé popped up in 'Get Up, Aisha,' a CBC Gem series that's redefining discussions around mental health in the South Asian community.

While there’s plenty of Rosé, our appearances weren’t just viewed through rose-colored glasses. In one scene, Aisha arranges an idyllic picnic date, only to face her boyfriend's doubts about their relationship. In another, our sparkling adds to the festivity of a vibrant election party, until Aisha pops the vibe with some depression-induced pragmatic realism.

In this poignant dramedy, Aisha the perfectionist attempts to manage her mental health by ticking off tasks: meditate (check), exercise (check), get more sleep (check). At Silver Swallow, of course, we also promote rethinking drinking (check). Yet, in the realm of pop culture wellness, we often overlook the tougher challenges: delving into our thought patterns (maybe later), relearning emotional management (my stomach’s turning already), finding the right medication (no, just no).

"What we adore about 'Get Up, Aisha' is its authenticity blended with humour," says Genna, our CEO and self-described 'perfectionist in recovery.' "It doesn’t shy away from the tough topic of depression. Instead, it provides a platform for acknowledging that it can affect anyone, especially those who seem the most put together.”

"The pressure to be perfect is a universal sentiment everyone can relate to. As three South Asian creators, we know this pressure firsthand.” said the creators, Rabiya Mansoor, Nisha Khan, and Marushka Jessica Almeida. “We created Get Up, Aisha to start a conversation and showcase the highs and the lows of a high-functioning Pakistani-Canadian girl as she deals with depression. While the show deals with issues like mental health in South Asian communities, familial and societal pressures – it also showcases the joys of coming of age, friendships, and family bonds.
We hope audiences take from this show that you don’t have to have it all figured out and that we’re all a work in progress."

Embracing life's slips, trips, and imperfecions (see what we did there?) is where true resilience and relationships flourish. That's what we strive for at Silver Swallow: to cultivate a community beyond the bottle.

For those times when life throws you a plot twist and you need someone to talk to, we’re just an email away at cheers@silverswallow.co. We also love findahelpline.com for its comprehensive search tool for professional support.

Because, we know, when your sparkle seems lost, with a little assistance, you'll get it back!

To sip Silver Swallow while you binge watch 'Get Up, Aisha' on CBC Gem, you can find our bubbles online or in stores.