Start Dry January with Self Love

Hello you… the sober curious, the one who’s thinking about doing Dry January but isn’t sure you’ll be able to quit booze for a month.Ya, you. Hello, we see you.

Let’s start by taking the pressure off. If you don’t “complete” the task 100%, that’s o-k. Any step you take to better your health is an act of self love.

When slip ups happen, politely see any feelings of guilt or disappointment to the door. Say ciao to the little devil on your left and refocus on why you wanted to do this challenge in the first place.

Genna journalling

The first step to staying on track is identifying your motivation for doing this challenge. Write it on a post it, sketch it in a doodle, set it as a calendar reminder. However you choose to symbolize your why, keep it in a noticeable place, so when times get tough—and they will— you can look to your past self for a little pep talk.
Also know, you don't have to do this challenge alone. I'm Genna, the Co-Founder of Silver Swallow. My path to a soberish lifestyle started with a dry challenge like this. So all month long, I'll be sharing my tips and cheering you on through a dry(ish) January.

My inbox is open so contact me with raging rants, noticeable improvements or good booze-free finds. Or DM me on Instagram or Facebook. You've got this!