When the Wine Witch Turned to Us

Natalie on CTV Your Morning

When Natalie MacLean, a respected wine writer, reached out to us, it gave us pause. Her book "Wine Witch on Fire" offers a deeply personal account of her life, touching on the challenges of divorce, defamation, and excessive drinking. It's a poignant memoir that culminates in her decision to embrace a more moderate approach to alcohol.

Three years ago, we hoped to have our 'bubbly not boozy' wine alternatives added to the vast collection of over 300,000 wine reviews on Natalie's website. Back then, the timing wasn't right. Now, as times have evolved and so has Natalie, we're deeply honored by her decision to feature Silver Swallow among other non-alcoholic alternatives. The shift is significant, highlighting the changing dynamics in the wine industry and underscoring the growing relevance of healthier options.

We're in awe of Natalie's bravery in navigating her path to moderation, a journey that requires immense courage and self-awareness. Her engagement with Silver Swallow is more than just an exciting milestone for us; it symbolizes the positive influence that non-alcoholic alternatives can bring to people's lives.

Here’s to Natalie, for her honesty and strength in sharing her journey. And a big Sober Santé!

For detailed reviews of Silver Swallow by Natalie MacLean's team, explore their insights on nataliemaclean.com. While there, you can also order a copy of her book.