Luxury Kombucha Blanc 750ml (3 Bottles)

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Bubbly not boozy Silver Swallow Blanc is the champagne of kombucha. Carefully crafted using our namesake tea, silver swallow is hand picked in Yunnan, China only once per spring. These rare white tea buds offer vibrant floral notes and a clean, grassy finish. We’ve carefully brewed them into a non-alcoholic sparkling-wine stand-in perfect for celebrations big and small.

Tea Region: Yunnan, China

Tasting notes: herbaceous, wild flower, honey, tropical fruit

Pairings: fresh fruit, cheese, oysters & friends

Occasions: elegant brunches, dinner parties, special events, self care days

Mood: refreshing & celebratory

Features: non-alcoholic (<0.5% abv), all natural ingredients, preservative & sulphite free, vegan, gluten free

Unpasteurized. Keep refrigerated.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Kombucha culture* (bacteria and yeast), Cane sugar*, White tea*, Green tea*, Passion fruit, Carbon dioxide (*organic)

Nutrition facts and sugar content are found below

Caffeine: 10 mg per serving

Customer Reviews

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So sorry, the product didn’t live up to your expectation…..

The first bottle that I received from Mama Earth had much more flavour and you could taste the floral notes with hints of passion fruit and was bubbly. It was delicious, so I ordered some more.

I then ordered 6 bottles ~ 5 Blanc and 1 Rosé directly from Silver Swallow.

I was disappointed as the flavour was lacking and the kombucha and was less bubbly, it’s more like drinking flat flavourless weak tea.

I emailed Silver Swallow with my feedback, asking if there would be a reason for this? Could it be just different batches, different taste or age?

NOTE ~ you must drink this kombucha, within six months of production date.

This was their response “ I'm sorry the product didn't live up to your expectations. We reviewed the quality of that batch and it met our standards.”

What would your business be without customers feedback? As long as it meets Silver Swallow’s standards, so sorry it doesn’t meet the customers expectations!

5 stars for the first bottle,
0 stars for the six bottles.

Great alone or in trendy cocktails!

I got my hot little hands on this for New Year’s Eve and it was absolutely delicious on its own, but I wanted to have a go at creating a non-alcoholic version of the TikTok sensation “a Negroni…sbagliato…with Prosecco in it!” With two non-alcoholic spirits, the Blanc made a delicious, summery cocktail that I enjoyed for several days until the bottle was empty. Truly a delightful experience.

Deluxe kombucha

Excellent & refreshing

Lindsey George

The perfect summer drink.

céline beauchemin

Bon goût, mais je préfère le rosé.