Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha 750ml (Case of 6 Bottles)

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Bubbly not boozySilver Swallow is the Champagne of Kombucha. We use the world's finest white tea to brew a refined, non-alcoholic beverage that's unmatched by any on the market. We then carefully package it in a traditional champagne bottle with cork & cage to give it the POP it deserves.

  • Perfect for special occasions & self care days
  • Pair with sushi, fresh fruit, oysters or friends.

Unpasteurized. Keep refrigerated.

INGREDIENTS: filtered water, organic kombucha fermented by symbiosis (bacterial and yeast cultures), organic cane sugar, organic white tea buds, organic green tea, passion fruit, carbon dioxide.




Customer Reviews

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Tas Ferreira
Best product

Great people! Gréât kombucha! I love the bottle! Amazing customer service!

Light, fresh, tasty

Silver Swallow is known as a luxury kombucha, and I get why. It has a much more delicate, pleasant flavour than other kombuchas I've tried, which really makes it stand out. It's pretty great for fancy brunches (it was a big hit for my family's Christmas morning brunch) and with summer around the corner, I'm looking forward to having it on hand as a healthier beverage option than beer or wine (but that still feels special) while enjoying the sunshine.

Natalie Irwin
It’s nice to have options

Light and refreshing with just a hint of funk to make it sophisticated. This kombucha nailed it. Perfect for drinking on its own or pairing with a charcuterie board. It’s nice to have a non-alcoholic option that still feels like a treat.

The perfect gift!

I am so happy that Silver Swallow has arrived to our neighbourhood grocery store as I can buy it whenever I crave it! It’s such a well balanced and wonderfully flavoured carbonated beverage that is so fun to serve to friends or gift to them! It really stands out as top of the line Kombucha—can’t think of any brand that tastes better.


Cannot recommend this luxury kombucha enough!! So delicious, refreshing and a real treat. :)