Agave Royale

Agave Royale beside a bottle of Sobrii 0-Tequilla

A most Canadian take on the classic French cocktail, Agave Royale shines a festive ruby red. Sparkling on the inside and decorated with lime green confetti, this Christmassy cocktail embodies the spirit-free spirit of supporting local.

Crafted with Søbrii ø-Tequila from Stratford, Ontario, the distilled non-alcoholic spirit offers sweet notes of agave but with zero sugar. Cassis syrup made from blackcurrants adds tannins and tartness to the mix. And Silver Swallow Kombucha hailing from Ottawa, Ontario tops it off to make a bubbly and bright festive cocktail.

  A bottle of Sobrii 0-tequilla and Silver Swallow Kombucha



    · 1.5 oz of Søbrii ø-Tequila

      · 0.5 oz of blackcurrant syrup (e.g. Ribena)

      · 5 oz Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha


      1. Pour the ø-Tequila and cassis syrup into a champagne flute or large coupe glass.

      2. Top with luxury kombucha.

      3. Garnish with fresh lime zest twist.

      Recipe by Jess Morton @bartender.morton for Søbrii