Carrot Kombucha Mimosa

Carrot Kombucha Mimosa

Mimosas just got healthier. We teamed up with Whole Foods Market to offer the Carrot Kombucha Mimosa. It's part of a series of non-alcoholic cocktails we're putting out for Sober October.

Bubbly but not boozy. Fermented and packed with nutrients. The Carrot Kombucha Mimosa is a nourishing twist on the classic brunch bevvy.

Not only is it healthy, but it's also sustainable.

Picture this—it's the day after Thanksgiving. You've cooked your harvest vegetables, enjoyed a fall feast, and fell asleep peacefully with a full belly. While the carrots are long gone, what happened to those vibrant green tops? Thrown in the garbage? Or in a compost pile at best. Rather than toss them right away, turn trash into treasure and add a flamboyant garnish to your morning mimosa.

We recommend using LOOP's orange, carrot and turmeric cold pressed juice. It's both sustaining and sustainable. LOOP turns imperfect fruits and vegetables into delicious juice to help tackle the food waste problem. Not to mention the carrots and turmeric are so fitting for fall.

Add it to our luxury kombucha and you have the healthiest mimosa ever made!

A bottle of Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha & LOOP Orange, Carrot & Turmeric Juice


- 1/3 cup LOOP orange, carrot & turmeric cold pressed juice
- 1 carrot with top

 1. Add juice to a champagne flute
 3. Garnish using an overflowing carrot top
 4. Toast to taking care of yourself & the planet 

Fresh carrot in a champagne flute with carrot top overflowing out of it

Available now at Whole Foods Market in Ottawa

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