Festive Cranberry Mimosa

Festive Cran Mimosa beside bottles of Silver Swallow and Split Tree Cranberry and Ginger Cordial

All dressed up for a holiday brunch, this morning mimosa sparkles with sugar coated cranberries strung together on a garland of rosemary.

The base of all good mimosas is high quality juice. We recommend freshly squeezed or cold pressed orange juice. Swapping the sparkling wine for sparkling luxury kombucha blanc makes a non-boozy option that's lightly caffeinated by the premium white tea used in Silver Swallow. Think healthy mornings, not hangovers by noon.

The cranberrry and ginger in Split Tree's seasonal cordial add a festive bite and glowing colour to this refreshing day drink.

Festive Cranberry Mimosa zoomed in to show details of sugar granules on cranberries strung on rosemary spring


· 1/2 oz Split Tree Cranberry Ginger Cordial (available seasonally)
· 3 oz orange juice
· fresh or frozen cranberries to garnish
· a sprig of rosemary
· 1 tsbp sugar


1. Gently pour Cranberry Ginger cordial into a champagne flute and add orange juice. Top with Silver Swallow.

2. To garnish, dip cranberries in sugar and pin together on a sprig of rosemary.

Festive Cranberry Mimosa beside a bottle of Silver Swallow


The cordial is available seasonally at fine retailers such as Jacobsons in Ottawa, where you can find Silver Swallow year round.