Lavender Bubble Bath

Lavender Bubbly Bath non-alcoholic cocktail on the side of a bathtub with a bottle of Silver Swallow and a bouquet of dried lavender in the background

Picture this: it's 6pm and you just "finished" work. You're tired and hungry, and a little bit of liquid sedation is looking pretty attractive right now. Then you hear the words, "what's for dinner?"

Maybe you're just putting work on pause because you spent more time than you wanted searching for glue sticks as you help your child navigate another round of online learning.

But then you remember you committed to Dry January. How could you possibly take the edge off without turning to the hard stuff?

You're memory floats back to a non-alcoholic cocktail you heard about somewhere. You can't remember where. Maybe on the radio. You think it was called Lavender Bubble Bath.

You decage a bottle of Silver Swallow. As the cork gently pops, you're already feeling like you've let off some steam.

You get the fanciest glass within arms' reach and add an ounce of lemon lavender cordial. The smell reminds you of spa days. While you don't have time for a bubble bath, adding bubbly kombucha is a close second.

If you happen to have a lemon in the fridge or a dried bouquet of lavender stashed away, you use it to dress up the cocktail. If not, you don't dwell on perfection.

You take a deep breath, savour the aromas, then move into your evening feeling a little more grounded and proud that you did it sans alcohol.


· lemon wedge
· sprig of dried lavender (optional)


1. Pour lavender lemon cordial into a champagne flute. Top with Silver Swallow Blanc.

2. Garnish with a lemon wedge and a sprig of lavender (optional)

Lavender Bubble Bath cocktail upclose with a bouquet of dried lavender beside it

Stay strong friends
xoxo Silver Swallow