Berries, Spice & Everything Nice

Lingonberry, Rosemary & Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha Mocktail
This wintry weather has us dreaming of evergreens, berries and sparkly things.
The bubbly kombucha and sparkly rim make this drink shine. The ruby red lingonberries are a splash of colour amongst wintry white. And the rosemary not only adds a touch of greenery—it brings out the herbaceous taste of the silver swallow white tea we use to brew our luxury kombucha.
With frozen fingers, we hand picked our berries after the frost settled in Newfoundland—but you can get lingonberry preserves at your local Swedish furniture store (wink wink). Or use cranberries in a pinch.
Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha in a partridge berry patch



- 150 ml Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha

- 3 tbsp fresh or frozen lingonberries, also known as partridgeberries, or 1 tbsp preserved. Or substitute with cranberries

- 1 sprig fresh rosemary

- 1 lemon

- 1/4 cup sugar


1. In a saucepan, combine 2 tbsp berries and 2 tbsp sugar to make a preserve. Once, reduced, you'll need about a tablespoon of berries per drink—but could always make more for tomorrow's brekkie. 

2. Bring to boil over medium-high heat, stirring often, until berries burst, about 7 minutes. Set aside and let cool.

3. Pour a shallow amount of sugar (2 tbsp) on a plate or bowl wide enough to fit the rim of your champagne glasses.

4. Cut a slit into a lemon slice. Slide it around the rim. Dip the glass in the sugar to rim the glass. 

5. Add a tablespoon of lingonberry preserve to each glass. Fill with Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha and stir to give a glowing rosé colour. 

6. Float 1 tbsp of berries on top, garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary, and enjoy!

Lingonberry, Rosemary & Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha Mocktail 

 Happy Holidays from Silver Swallow!