Dreams of Sugar Shack

Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha on a bed of snow drizzled with maple syrup

The maple trees are starting to awaken. While we're still covered in a blanket of snow, deep inside the maple trees, spring is coming to life.

I love everything about maple syrup and sugar shacks. Life cannot get more decadent than when it's drowned in liquid gold. Add that to a room filled with boisterous family and friends enjoying an abundance of food and you have my definition of indulgence.

Then I discovered maple cotton candy by Nect'art de Fleurs, where childish nostalgia meets the sophisticated aromas of roasted vanilla in maple syrup. It's as dreamy as a pillow topped bed on a cold winter's night.

Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha topped with Maple Cotton Candy

I couldn't think of a better topper for our luxury kombucha than this billowy cloud of deliciousness. Sometimes surviving many months of freezing weather calls for this level of extravagance.

At the boundary where the sweet nectars unite, we were pleasantly surprised that the cotton candy brought out the fruity flavours of passion fruit in our delicate kombucha.

Quebec Maple Syrup, Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha and Nect'art de Fleurs Maple Cotton Candy

If you're in Ottawa and want to toast yourself to making it through another Canadian winter, both products are available at Herb & Spice on Bank Street.