Mixed Pack 750 ml (3 Blanc & 3 Rosé)

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Can't decide between our Blanc and our Rosé?

Why not both? Your liver will thank you.

Customer Reviews

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Daniela Kasper
Definitely delicious!!

Loved both the blanc and rosé flavours, absolutely refreshing. I would recommend both to anyone. The only negative is the obscurity of the delivery day, perhaps providing a specific date would help.

Glad you enjoyed both recipes Daniela! We definitely agree that not knowing the exact delivery day is not ideal. To be honest, it's been tricky finding a perfect refrigerated delivery service. Hopefully the text we send in advance resolves some of the uncertainty. If you ever miss a delivery, we'll always try again.

Not your everyday kombucha

The kombucha is amazing. The flavour is delicate and smooth. My husband who hates all kombucha was surprised at how good it was. It is such a treat to have! And serve!

Our favourite review is from non-kombucha drinkers. Glad we won your husband over!

Madison White
Product? Fantastic. Service? Not so much.

I love this kombucha, but I’ll be hesitant ordering ahead of any event ever again. Their website specifically says if you place your order on a Monday, it’ll be delivered by Wednesday if you live in Ontario. Well I ordered Monday April 3rd for my mother in law who has terminal cancer but wanted something to have with the family on Easter. The whole week goes by, and the item says it’s still waiting to be shipped. The weekend passed. And then we get to the NEXT Wednesday, and still nothing. We didn’t get the order until April 14th and no explanation as to why it was delayed, no explanation as to why they did not ship as promised. I’m extremely frustrated especially as we were expecting it for an event with a timeline based upon the websites promises.

Our sincerest apologies for the mix up. We understand your frustration given you expected it for a specific event. We switched our delivery approach in mid-february so perhaps you were getting outdated information. Please let me know where you read the Monday to Wednesday shipping details, and we will be sure to update it.

Our order deadline is now Sundays and the ETA is the following Saturday. Since your order was placed on a Monday, it wasn't filled until the next week and arrived on Friday. It's not the fastest approach, we'll admit, but we're a small business and it's tricky finding refrigerated delivery options. A few stores in Toronto that offer quicker service are Mama Earth Organic and Summerhill Market, if you'd prefer to order from them.

Again apologies for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused.

Brenda Calhoun

Loved both the Blanc and the Rose Very refreshing and an excellent non alcohol beverage! (Challenging to open though 🤣)

It's so great you enjoyed both! It's too hard to decide which one we prefer. Depends on the occasion I suppose. If you're ever having trouble opening the cork by hand, a corkscrew will do the job as well. Cheers!

Laura Proniuk

These are very good options for dry February or anytime. I love the flavour. So refreshing. I will have more. There was a problem with my order and the customer service I received was excellent. Definately recommend.

We aim to please Laura! We're hear for you during any booze-free challenge!